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King's Kids
Children's Ministry

Catch the Excitement!

Catch the Excitement!

All Children Canaan Baptist Church invites you to Sunday School & Youth Church
  • Hear the Word of God

  • Learn Bible Stories

  • Sing Songs About Jesus

  • Make New Friends

  • Have Fun Dancing and Singing

  • Make Awesome Arts & Crafts

Kids in Preschool

Every Sunday

Breakfast - 8am

Sunday School - 8:45am -9:45am

Youth Church - 11:00am-12 noon

King's Kids Creed


 I will put God first at home, at play and at school and always do my best to live the Golden rule.


With God’s help, I will not lie, steal, cheat, or treat others mean, and my body, mind and speech will always be kept clean.


I will talk to God everyday and read His word first, before I go off to school or to play.


I will do nothing that will harm my body or my soul, and with God’s help I will always practice good self-control. 


I will listen and obey my Mom and Dad or Guardian, and each day the world will see me try harder to become the best King’s Kid I can be.

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Team Leaders

Sis. Camille Anderson
Sis. Connie Bowling
Sis. Renia Harper

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Monthly Schedule

Youth Church - First and Second Sundays
Youth Sunday - Third Sunday
Choir Practice - Two Sat. prior to Third Sunday
Youth Dance Practice - First and Third Fridays
Jr./Young Adult Usher Meetings - To Be Announced
BTU/Youth Meetings - Third Sunday
Lott Carey Youth Meetings - To Be Announced
Bible Study - To Be Announced

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