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Our Deacon's Ministry

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Mission and Purpose Statement

In accordance with the charge given in Acts 6: 3-8, the Deacon Ministry is committed to assisting the Pastor in his mission as Shepherd to this membership. As selected servants, the Deacon Ministry recognizes the loving heart of God and the genuine concern for the spiritual and material needs of the membership.  We meet this challenge by first being filled with his spirit and guidance.  Our commitment involves becoming the hands and feet of Jesus reaching out to those in need.  We strive to carry out this mission in faith and continuous prayer.

Message from the Chairman, Deacon Terry Carter

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I consider it an honor and a blessing from the Almighty God to serve as Chairman of the Deacon Ministry here at Canaan Baptist Church.  We have six active Deacons at this time with a listed Church membership of approximately three hundred and sixty.  

With our Pastors approval, I am excited that a new Spiritual Leadership Program is being initiated at Canaan. This training will teach the selected members of our congregation the fundamentals of Spiritual Leadership as outlined in the Word of God as it pertains to serving and assisting our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We are prayerful that participants of this training will accept the challenge of studying for ordination into Deaconship.

Current Offices and Members

Terry Carter, Chairman.

Deacons (Not pictured above): Roma L. Gray, Phillip MurphyLangston Davies- Deacon Emeritus, James Ivey Joseph Lee - Deacon Emeritus, Richard A. Smoot - Deacon Emeritus.

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Deaconess Ministry

(Deaconesses are also servants).

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 “I commend to you our sister Phoebe, a servant of the church in Cenchrea. I ask you to receive her in the Lord in a way worthy of the saints and to give her any help she may need from you, for she has been a great help to many people, including me.” (Romans 16:1-2)

Mission and Purpose Statement

The mission of the Deaconess Ministry is to meet the needs of Canaan Baptist Church, under the spiritual guidance of the Pastor and the Deacons by promoting the spiritual growth in the church.

Mission and Purpose Statement

The mission of the Deaconess Ministry is to meet the needs of Canaan Baptist Church, under the spiritual guidance of the Pastor and the Deacons by promoting the spiritual growth in the church.

Who We Are

The Deaconess Ministry is a group of women who are baptized believers chosen and consecrated to be servants in the church with the primary role of assisting the Pastor and Deacons Ministry in administering the ordinances of baptism and communion, as well as the care and visitation of the church members who are bereaved, sick or shut-in.  Deaconesses serve to help mentor and develop other women of the church to also become more spiritually mature, godly women equipped and ready to serve.  A Deaconess serves not to be seen, but that others may see Christ in the beauty of holiness.

Current Offices and Members

Deaconess Donna Briggs, President


Deaconesses (Not pictured above): Deaconess Lastenia Brathwaite-Pretlow. Deaconess Rosita Panting, Deaconess Cheryl Carter-Hunter, DIT

Services and Responsibilities

The Deaconess Ministry provides many services to the membership. These include: Set up and clean up of the Lord's Supper elements and utensils; Organize and initiate Lord's Supper Outreach Ministry, Maintain Lord's Supper utensils and supplies, replacing as needed; Help to dress women candidates for baptism; Maintenance and Washing of baptismal clothes for men and women candidates; Visit and Communicate with the Sick & Shut In; Prepare food for bereaved families; Represent Calvary at funerals for membership in churches and Funeral Homes, Accompany the Pastor and Church on outgoing engagements.


Maintain Lord's Supper elements which includes the purchase of unleavened crackers and grape juice for this service. In addition, tablecloths (2) for the Lord's Supper need replacing. Additional gowns need to be made for baptismal candidates. Gowns are made by the Deaconess, so there is no cost associated.


Deaconess means servant. The Deaconess office is one in which competent, dedicated women serve the Lord and his people through providing spiritual care, instruction in the Faith, and acts of love.


The Deaconess Board is a ministry of Holy Women appointed to serve as Sacramental Assistants for the Church. They oversee and superintend the Holy Sacraments, which are those institutions given to the Church by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in which "He commanded. . ." the Church to do, namely; Water Baptism and Holy Communion.


The main responsibility of the Deaconess Board is to prepare and attend to all the details needed to carry out and perform each of the aforementioned ceremonies. The means and methods of this ministry are managed in cooperation with and under the direct supervision Pastor Tyson.


Additionally, this department is also responsible for maintaining and caring for the sacred vessels, altar coverings, and other sacramental linens.


The Blessed Sacraments of the Church are most essential and foundational to the total Church ministry. It is the Deaconess Board that makes sure every detail for these Sacraments are attended to and that the order of service, designed by our Pastors, run smoothly. It is a blessed privilege to prepare and assist in the service of Holy Communion and prepare the candidates for Water Baptism.


Among their primary duties is assisting females during the Ordinance of Baptism. Deaconess also contact and visit the sick and shut-in, comfort bereaved families, and provide nurture, love, support and guidance, for younger women in the church.


Deaconess visit the sick at home, the hospitals, convalescent homes; bereaved families, and those behind the prison walls. Deaconess advise, help and encourage the young ladies in all walks of life as they strive to walk in a Christian manner.

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