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Missionary Ministry

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Mission and Purpose Statement

Enabled by the spirit of God, to carry out the message of Jesus by providing the spiritual need of others concerning the body, mind and soul with a commitment to sharing bread for the “belly” and the “bread of life”, The Word.


We focus on “Home Missions”, and support foreign missions from the “Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Missions”.  Our home -mission consist of Senior on the Move”. “Missions-Community Outreach” by distributing food and clothing for those in need in the community.


  1.  Family Prayer Service

  2. Hoyle/Jones Tuesday Feeding Ministry

  3. Monetary support for sick members

  4. “Tender Loving Care Packages” for bereaved family members of Canaan.

  5. Thanksgiving basket distribution for needy families.

  6. Adopted a “needy family” for Christmas benevolence.

  7. Share Food Program

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